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Viet Hai Village in Cat Ba

Viet Hai Village in Cat Ba

Viet Hai village belong to Cat ba island – a big ecological tourist attraction.

Distance from Cat Ba town than 10 km crow flies, Viet Hai village is surrounded by high mountains and thick forests of the national park.

The first impression when the Viet Hai village Cat Ba is a new concrete road five kilometers long that we had never set foot on a certain turn off .

The village only seven dozen houses, mostly hidden under the leaves that getting nestled in a garden or green jackfruit.

In opposition to dynamic Cat Ba Tourism area, Viet Hai village showed in a quiet atmosphere.

Located in the valley of the core of Cat Ba National Park, many people have little information or have never set foot, therefore, Viet Hai is still a remote village and a big mystery village.

Years ago, Viet Hai village almost cut off from the outside world. Everyone may go by either road to Viet Hai: the fist road take a boat across Lan Ha Bay to Viet Hai harbor then go by motorbike, bicycle, trekking to Viet Hai village passing a forest road 6 km to the village, the second road follow the track of Cat Ba National Park until it merged into a minor road leading to the village.

Viet hai villages biking trip


Viet Hai village is a specific characteristic in the North of Viet Nam culture in comparison with the others village.

It creates the unique culture, piqued the curiosity of tourists when they want to discover the country life and the true nature of the people here such as development of remarkable rice culture, friendly and hospitably.


Because of the difficulty of reaching other areas on the island, the settlers still keep primitive life as the ancient past, the gentle heart.

Although Viet Hai village is the most remote village and difficult life of Cat Hai district, the people seem very satisfied with poor material but high emotion in life.

Especially, there are almost no kinds of social evils so it is quite peaceful.


Each year attracts thousands of foreign tourists to visit and learn more about Vietnam because the village is supporting the promoting of community-based and responsible tourism product development.

The citizens of Viet Hai still get excited about providing the best services and they hope this small village becomes a famous tourist spot in the future.


The villagers directly organize services for tourists such as eat, stay at home and participate in productive labor with the local people.

Besides, the Border Guard helps the citizens organize reception visitors, organizing tours, accommodation services and restore the folk traditional games.

There have been a number of changes in the communes, for example welcoming customers site, providing necessary information site, internet access site and the village was covered by the mobile telephone services.

The Community-Based Tourism model has been beyond resounded the scope domestic as sending the traveler their love who wished to be experience this journey to find the real value of the specific characteristic of culture.

Ancient houses in Viet hai village

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