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The Best things to do in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay features the magnificence of the small and large islands with many interesting shapes in Cat Ba Island.

Not being well-known to tourists like Halong Bay, but Lan Ha Bay is also one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam.

This promised to be an attraction for tourists who want to discover beautiful Vietnam.

Lan Ha Bay
Lan Ha Bay

I. Some Attractions In Lan Ha Bay

1. Nam Cat Island

Nam Cat Island is an ideal destination for those who adventurous travellers. Nam Cat Island attracts tourists by four surfaces of nature, exotically charming forests and sea surrounding.

The beach’s length is about 500m with white sand and calm water, which is suitable for swimming, kayaking, fishing and scuba diving safely.

In addition, there are 3 large wooden stilt houses and 6 bamboo motels allowing you to immerse yourself with nature here.

You can have an opportunity to enjoy seafood of Cat Ba and also explore the serene waters with small fishing villages here.

Nowadays, tourism in Nam Cat Island is developing, which contribute to preserve and honour the hidden beauty of the island.

Nam Cat Island Resort
Nam Cat Island Resort

2. Monkey Island

Taking a boat from Ben Beo for 10 minutes, you can reach Monkey Island (also called Cat Dua Island in the past).

At present, there are more than 30 monkeys here under the range of Cat Ba National Park.

Tourists can play with them, feed them with bananas, apples, or candies.

The monkeys are very funny to climb and play with those who visiting Monkey Island.

Monkey island
Monkey island

3. Van Boi Beach

Van Boi is one of the great places to relax with white sand and clear water you can see to the bottom.

The waves are rather quiet, which is good to dive the coral and swimming.

Also, you can relax with bathing on the beach and watching the beauty of the coral.

You may feel impressed by this natural landscape and the surrounding cliffs.

The beach seems to be escaped from the modern life with noise and bustle.

Van Boi Beach
Van Boi Beach

4. Rua Island (Turtle Island)

Opposite to Van Boi Beach, there is a small island with the shape like the turtle swimming on the water surface. It is like a masterpiece in the “forgotten paradise”.

Rua Island - Cat Ba
Rua Island – Cat Ba

5. Cannon Fort

Built from 1942 as a look-out point, Cannon Fort is at a 177-meter high hilltop overlooking Lan Ha Bay.

It is an ideal place for trekking up to see the panorama view of Lan Ha Bay.

From Cannon Fort, you will have a chance to see the scenic views of the bay in particular, and of Cat Ba Island in general with tiny houses and fishing boats.

Opening time: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm daily

Services in Cannon Fort:

+ Entrance fee: for adults: VND 40,000/person; for children: VND 20,000/person

+ Electric car fee: VND 40,000/person

+ Sightseeing fee by the observatory: VND 5,000/person

Canon Fort
Canon Fort

II. Things to do in Lan Ha Bay

1. Kayaking

With hundreds of small sandy beaches and islets, Lan Ha Bay is one of the paradises for kayaking.

Those who love kayak will be interested in a clean and calm water and the wild nature of Cat Ba Island.

Some popular places for kayaking in Lan Ha Bay are Cai Beo Floating Village, Van Boi Beach, or Monkey Island… Discover the wild nature here and have the best experiences in the bay.

Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay
Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

2. Swimming in Lan Ha Bay

When visiting Lan Ha Bay, swimming is one of the best activities that you should not miss.

There are a lot of small lovely beaches such as Van Boi Beach and Monkey Island for you to enjoy swimming.

Clear and warm water will bring you comfortable feelings in the beautiful bay.

Swimming in Lan Ha Bay

3. Rock climbing in Lan Ha Bay

Touching the limestone by rocky climbing is an interesting experience when visiting Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island.

Even you are a beginner or intermediate and advanced climbers, the guides will set up the rope and all protective equipment, and follow you on the routes to ensure that it is safe.

You will get the most adventurous experience during your wonderful trip in Vietnam.

Rock climbing in Lan Ha Bay
Rock climbing in Lan Ha Bay

4. Visiting fishing village and floating market

Located on Cat Ba Island, Viet Hai Fishing Village has about 80 households, which is surrounded by mountains.

The villagers mainly live on fishing, farming and breeding. It is developed to become an eco-tourism and cultural tourism for both Vietnamese and foreign tourists coming to visit.

Visiting the village, you will have a chance to experience the fishing life in Lan Ha Bay.

Move to Cai Beo Floating Village, near Ben Beo Harbor, it is the oldest and the most remarkable floating village in Lan Ha Bay.

The village consists of about 300 floating houses living mainly by fishing and seafood farming.

You can get there by a small boat or kayaking. Taking a closer look and experiencing the local life here is very interesting and memorable in your trip to Lan Ha Bay.

Visiting fishing village
Visiting fishing village

5. Playing and staying at a private beach

If you prefer relaxing to discovering the bay, you can choose for yourself one of a few private beaches including bungalows to stay overnight.

You can book a tour package on a cruise or just book a room to have much more time for relaxing activities such as sunbathing, playing beach football, playing beach volleyball, swimming, or kayaking.

Van Boi Beach
Van Boi Beach


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